The purpose of Coopselios in this sector is to draft procedures and protocols to give healthcare services greater quality and effectiveness by designing and running Healthcare Rehabilitation Residences for Disabled People, psychiatric Healthcare Residences, Multi-Purpose Centres with extensive rehabilitation units and a high level of healthcare specialisation.

Healthcare rehabilitation residences for disabled people

This service is addressed to disabled adults aged between 18 and 65 who suffer from psycho-physical and sensory disabilities, both/either congenital and/or acquired, which do not allow them to be self-sufficient, thus making their staying home impossible even in cases when home care services may be provided.

Psychiatric healthcare and welfare residences

Psychiatric facilities host patients who need healthcare on a continuous basis in order to promote their recovery through the provision of therapeutic rehabilitation services with the support of clinical and psycho-social aid. The purpose is to enable these patients to acquire and to safeguard the highest level of self-sufficiency and to limit the risk towards involution.

Multi-functional centres with extensive rehabilitation units

These facilities provide medical, nursing and rehabilitation treatment with the purpose of preventing and treating chronic diseases and supporting the recovery of both functional and cognitive autonomy.


4 December 2016
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Our facilities

C.R.A. Al Parco – Monticelli Terme (PR)
Via Laura Bassi, 6 – 43022 Monticelli Terme di Montechiarugolo (PR)

Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale Mario Leone – Mesero (MI)
Via S. Bernardo, 4 – 20010 Mesero (MI)

Centro Servizi Anziani Villa Imperiale – Galliera Veneta (PD)
Via Roma, 190 – 35015 Galliera Veneta (PD)

Casa Residenza Anziani Nuova O.T.I. – Sorbolo (PR)
Via Martiri Libertà, 32, 43058 Sorbolo, PR, Italia

Residenza Sanitaria Assitenziale / Casa Residenza Anziani / Centro Diurno Agorà Bisini – Guastalla (RE)
Via S. Cristoforo, 2 – 42016 Guastalla (RE)

Centro Servizi Anziani Villa Tamerici – Porto Viro (RO)
Via Contarini, 64, Porto Viro, RO, Italia

Centro Socio Riabilitativo Residenziale San Rocco – Fiorenzuola d’Arda (PC)
Via Maria Montessori, 8, Fiorenzuola d'Arda, PC, Italia

Casa Residenza Anziani Villa Minozzo – Villa Minozzo (RE)
Via Aldo Moro, 30, Villa Minozzo, 42030 RE, Italia

Residenza Sanitaria per Disabili Scuola Pagani – La Spezia
Via Giacomo Puccini, 3/b, La Spezia, 19122 SP, Italia

R.S.A. Villa Stefania – Sala Comacina (CO)
Via Statale, 5, Sala Comacina, CO, Italia

Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale per Disabili “Il Gabbiano” – Porto Viro (RO)
Via Contarini, 64, Porto Viro, 45014 RO, Italia

C.R.A. Al Parco – Scandiano (RE)
Via Dante Alighieri, 3, Scandiano, 42019 RE, Italia

Casa Residenza Anziani “Gli Ulivi” – Morciano di Romagna (RN)
Via G. Giusti, 18, Morciano di Romagna, 47833 RN, Italia

C.R.A. – Centro Diurno I Ronchi – Castelnovo nè Monti (RE)
Viale Bismantova, 43, Castelnovo ne' Monti, RE, Italia

C.R.A. Luisa Guidotti – Fabbrico (RE)
Fabbrico, RE, Italia

Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale Ornato – Milano
Via Luigi Ornato, 69 – 20162 Milano

Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale Quarenghi – Milano
Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 26, 20151 Milano

Centro Polifunzionale Papa Giovanni Paolo II – Lugagnano di Sona (VR)
Via Manzoni, 15 -37060 Lugagnano di Sona (VR)

Comunità I due Mari – Velva, Castiglione Chiavarese (GE)
Via N. S. della Guardia, 100 – 16030 Loc. Velva, Castiglione Chiavarese (GE)


R.S.A. Baroni – Milano
Via Costantino Baroni 57/A - 20142 Milano

Centro Servizi Anziani Valgrande – loc. Carmignano, Sant’Urbano (PD)
Via Valgrande 43/A, - 35040 loc. Carmignano, Sant’Urbano (PD)

Centro Servizi Anziani I Tigli – Meolo (VE)
Via Ca’ Corner Sud, 5 – 30020 Meolo (VE)